A woman has given birth outside a Primark store on Birmingham's New Street.


She was, apparently, just walking down the street when she went into labour – much to the astonishment of passers-by.

Security guards at the store did their best to help the labouring woman, holding up sheets to give her some privacy as her baby was born on the pavement to the sounds of cheering from passing shoppers.

Local stallholder Pauline Morris told the BBC she saw a heavily pregnant young girl shout, 'The baby's coming!'

"She was obviously wincing in pain," Pauline said. "All of a sudden, security came from everywhere. There was an unbelievable crowd; there must have been a few hundred people.”

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It was obviously a very quick birth. "Everyone was crowding the woman," said shop worker Nadia Hussain, "and after about 5 minutes, everyone was clapping."

But it seems the woman, who's yet to be named, was glad of the public’s support.

"The mother was waving at everyone, telling everyone to film her," said Nadia. "Everyone was throwing money at her. She got about £300 to £400.

"Everyone had their phones out and she was waving at them as she went into the ambulance after the birth."

West Midlands Ambulance Service, who took the new mum and baby to City Hospital for check-ups, said both were doing fine.

Congratulations to her!

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