Woman gives birth on the motorway

Mum-to-be delivers her first child on the front seat of her car


After being turned away twice by a hospital because she ‘wasn’t ready’ to give birth, Rebecca Longley delivered her daughter on the front seat of the car, in full view of the M3.


When Andrew Mildenhall heard screaming in the car whilst driving down the motorway one would assume the expletives were due to road rage. Unfortunately for him, it was his partner Rebecca giving birth.

Previously that day, the couple were told to go home twice by the Royal Hampshire County Hospital Maternity Ward in Winchester, Hants, as they believed Rebecca wasn’t quite ready.

Even when her waters broke a few hours later, she was still told that is wasn’t a big enough signal that she was well on her way into labour.

Growing increasingly annoyed with their treatment, they decided to take matters into their own hands and began their now memorable journey.

Unfortunately little Aaliyah wasn’t prepared to wait and was born weighing 6lb 1oz in the not-so-glamorous location of the front seat of their Peugeot 206, with dad at the wheel.


“Andrew did a brilliant job to carry on driving even though he was feeling quite faint,” Rebecca told the Telegraph.

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