Woman’s GRIM warning after maggots found inside Baby Alive doll

What can happen if your child uses real food, instead of the fake stuff... (Warning: it's pretty gross)


A woman named Alyssa Abston has shared some pretty grim photos of the inside of a Baby Alive doll as a warning to other parents.


The images show the inside of the doll – one of several different brands that can ‘eat’ artificial food before it ‘poops’ into a nappy – filled with maggots.

Alyssa took to Facebook with the image and urged parents to make sure these dolls are properly cleaned post-playtime.

“So for anyone whose kid has a Baby Alive or a baby doll that can be ‘fed’, please please make sure you wash it with hot water and soap after each use,” she wrote.

Now, it’s worth us reiterating here this isn’t just about Baby Alive dolls, we reckon this could happen to any doll that’s designed to be fed.

We suspect that this doll was fed real food, rather than the fake stuff that’s supposed to be used – as little ones often want to include their playtime pals in lunchtime.

Ironically, that’s why these dolls exist in the first place ?

The key here is to ensure your little one doesn’t feed ‘em anything for humans and, like Alyssa says in her post, make sure to give it a good wash to avoid any future nasties.

Yuck ?

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Images: Manchester Evening News

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