Women who work part time ‘have the healthiest children’

New study finds children whose mums work part-time eat more healthily, watch less television and play more sports


Women who work part-time have the healthiest children, according to a new study. Their children are less likely to be obese than the children of stay-at-home mums or women who worked full-time, reports The Telegraph.


Children whose mums work part-time also eat less unhealthy meals, watch less television and play more sports than other youngsters of the same age.

Professor Jan Nicholson, from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia, who led the study, said, “What we’re seeing is that mums who work part-time are better able to balance their work demands with family life and are more able to monitor their children’s eating habits and activities, which has lots of health benefits for children.”

The study looked at the impact that working hours of mums had on the habits and weight of more than 4,000 children, studying them between the ages of four and five and again between six and seven. Professor Nicolson added, “It’s possible that work, when it allows mums to balance the demands of home and family, may lead to mums spending more time with their children on activities that benefit a healthy lifestyle.”


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