Work commitments preventing families from spending time together

One meal a week and six minutes a day is the maximum some families are able to spend with each other


A poll of 3,000 adults and children by One Poll has revealed that 47% of families sit down for a meal together – but only at weekends, despite 73% of adults and 69% of children wanting to have more family dinner time.


Working hours were listed as the main reason for being unable to make family meals with 64% of mums and dads saying work disrupted their plans, while 26% of children blamed extended school activities and after school clubs.

And it’s not only quality dinner time that’s on the decline as it’s also been revealed that parents are spending on average less than six minutes a day playing with their children.


The study of 1,024 parents by Persimmon Homes found that, during Monday to Friday, mums and dads are finding it harder to find time to play.
“Our lives are busier than ever, exacerbated if both parents work, which seems to explain why parents struggle to fit in the simple things in life, like playing or spending quality time with their children,” Dominic Harman, from Persimmon Homes has said.

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