Working mums: what do we want?

Part-time work is our answer, according to new statistics


Women return to work for the money, and would like to spend more time with their children, a new study has suggested.


Detailed info about our experiences of working and our attitudes towards work is provided by the study, commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and carried out by the independent National Centre for Social Research. About 7,100 parents with children under 14 years were surveyed.

Of the parents surveyed, six in 10 working mums said they’d like to cut down their hours to spend more time with their children. A third of working mums would like to leave their jobs completely to look after their children. Around two-thirds said they worked because they needed the money.

Whatever our working arrangements, it seems the cost of childcare is still a consideration, with one in five families struggling to pay for it. Per week, parents pay about £80 for day nursery and £102 for nursery, according to the survey. And one in seven families said they didn’t use childcare because of the cost. Of the stay-at-home mums surveyed, just over a quarter said they wouldn’t earn enough to make returning to work worthwhile.

In terms of taking a break from employment, 16% of mums with partners and 12% of single mums said their career would suffer.


Two years ago, research conducted by an online parenting network showed that most women felt part-time working was the best option.


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