Would you attach a tablet to your child’s buggy?

Parenting experts dub the iPad holders an 'electric babysitter'


We’ve all reached for the iPad or tablet at some stage. Whether it’s so your child can watch Peppa Pig while you clean up on a particularly trying day, or to keep them quiet while you catch up with friends on a Saturday afternoon – a little bit of screen time now and then can be a lifesaver.


But new gadgets that allow you to attach a tablet to your child’s buggy are now available online – and have been slammed by parenting experts.

The ‘Baby Stroller Holder for iPad’ pictured above is available from eBay for £6.50. The seller promises that “the baby will feel very happy while admiring the scenery and listen to music”. But some parenting experts disagree.

“These devices are horrific and undermine parents. Babies don’t need gadgets and gizmos,” BabyCalm author Sarah Ockwell-Smith said.

“I can’t see any benefit. Research shows making under twos watch screens can damage their development.”

And TV parenting coach Sue Atkins dubbed the “electric babysitters’ as “frightening”. “Babies need to see your face and the real world around them, not a screen,” she added.

According to The Sun, famous fans of the gadget include Kourtney Kardashian, stylist Rachel Zoe and actress Tori Spelling.

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