At MFM HQ, we love to hear about any new trends in parenting around pregnancy / baby keepsakes.


Loads of our mums really liked the idea of getting a bump bowl a la Coleen Rooney to commemorate their pregnancy, and we know of a few others who have gone for some pretty stunning pregnancy pics (remember these ones in milk baths?) to have as a memento.

So we were intrigued to hear about a jewellery trend that seems to be catching on here - apparently already quite a thing in Australia - for making rings, bracelets and necklaces and more out of your baby's umbilical cord and drops of breast milk.

Mum Nicola Kamminga, who lives in Bristol, has her own jewellery company - Tree of Opals - where you can buy some really beautiful maternity jewellery ranging in price from £100 to £200.

According to The Mirror, Nicola started the company a year ago and is now inundated with orders from couples keen to ensure they have baby keepsakes to remember their little one's first weeks by.

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We've had a look at Tree of Opal's website and Instagram and we must say we're loving what we see.

There's no doubt baby keepsakes of all different kinds seem to be more and more popular, but some, we think - like these - are a bit nicer than others.

Nice one, Nic ?

What do you think?

Would you be tempted by a breastmilk ring or piece of jewellery made from your bubba's umbilical cord? Perhaps you had some other cool memento made?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook.

Images: Tree of Opals

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