Would you handle your child’s public tantrum like THIS?

We're not sure we'd be brave enough ?


If you have a child of a certain age you’ll know EXACTLY how it feels when they decide to have a full-on meltdown in public.


Be it at a restaurant, supermarket or just causally walking down the road, once a toddler decides on tantrum mode there’s no stopping them.

And it’s probably true to say most of us do the same thing – tell them off in no uncertain terms and let them know they need to clean up their act fast or there’ll be trouble.

Even if we’re only saying these things for the benefit of the judgy / staring strangers who we’re pretty sure are wondering why we’re such utterly useless mums (they’re probably not btw – that’s mostly just in our heads, right?) ?

So here at MFM HQ we were pretty intrigued (impressed?) by Australian mummy blogger Constance Hall who admits that if one of her little ones goes into hysterics when she’s out – she just sits there.

Yep, she actually does nothing. Gulp ?

She also praised a mum she didn’t know for doing just that, after a friend told her that this mum had had the “audacity” to “just sit there” and not react. 

In a super-honest Facebook post, Constance wrote:

“I have lugged that child to the car, I reminded myself that it’s going to be ok and repeatedly told my child that I loved him, that she was going to see consequences if she didn’t stop, I have felt like throwing a god damn tanty myself after one and I have also been that woman, who sat there and did nothing.

“And any seasoned expert will tell you that sometimes the only thing you can do, is nothing. Time will heal all tantrums.”

Now – we know that she’s kind of right. A fair number of the team agreed that if a flare-up from our little one happens when we’re at home we’ll most likely walk into another room.

No audience, no show, right?

But when you’re out in public, you can sort of feel you need to demonstrate to all the *grown-ups* around that you’re in control and that you’re doing all you can do make sure your little cutie pie is growing up to become a well-adjusted citizen of the world. Or something like that ?

Do nothing though? Hmmm, might be time to give it a go…

What do you think?

How do you handle a temper tantrum when you’re out?

Would you / have you ever just left them to it – or would you be too worried about what people might think?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook.

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