Would you vote to ditch homework in favour of reading comics?

Parents at a primary school in Scotland have...


Anyone with children of a certain age will probably find that homework can be a pretty hot topic: what age they should get it, how much they get and how much you think they should get.


We’ve chatted about it among the MFM team and there’s no doubt the rules and regulations around homework – as well as what parents think about it – vary wildly.

One of our mums feels a bit inundated with how much her 5-year-old gets, while another says his wife’s worried that their little ones aren’t getting enough and are maybe falling behind their contemporaries from the school down the road.

So, how about this for a solution? A primary school in Scotland has scrapped homework altogether in favour of letting kids read comics instead.

The move came after Inverlochy Primary School in Fort William, Highland, where they carried out a 6-week trial of no homework in order that the children could play more and have fun.

After the trial period, the parents were polled (a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to homework) and 62% wanted to scrap it. 79% of the kids felt the same – no surprise there ?

Instead, the pupils will be encourage to read books, magazines and comics for pleasure.

One of the dads, Barry Hutchison, told the Mirror:

“Homework stresses the kids and the parents out.

“Kids have so many things outside school, like clubs. They just need time to be kids.”

What do you think?

Do you wish your school would let the parents vote on this?

Would you vote to scrap homework if you could? Or do you think it’s important to help little ones learn?

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