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We know that prams can be quite big, and in lots of towns it’s not always the easiest to weave ‘em in and out of shops and restaurants.

That said, we need them to get the kids around while we’re out and about, when they’re too little for anything else.

Mum-of-2 Luisa Zissman clearly needs a pram, given that she gave birth to daughter Indigo Esme back in August, and as a result was left less than impressed by one café’s no-pram policy.

The former Apprentice and CBB star took to Instagram to vent. She didn’t name and shame the business (though some fans wanted her to) but she did include a picture of the sign.

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“Apparently this cafe's “health & safety policy” doesn’t allow prams?! WTF?” she wrote alongside the snap.

Well, one thing’s for sure… the sign posted in the cafes window is certainly a bit blunt ?

We can totally understand why Luisa would be frustrated here - but her 400k Instagram followers were divided.

Some definitely were on the same wavelength as Luisa…

“WTF!? Stupid. Big part of their custom as cafes is mothers with babies on matty leave. Derrr x” one fan said.

Another added: “…another way of them saying they don't want kids in!!! What a croc of sh*t. Avoid these places, how rude x"

However, others didn’t see an issue with leaving her pram outside if she wanted to go in.

“Perogrative of the cafe. You have a pram not an unconditional right to enter and prevent other access for disabled wheelchairs utilising the shop,” said one fan.

"Leave the pram outside!! What do you need it for? You're going to eat or have a coffee!! More space for people = more money."

But some were more focused not on what an inconvenience it might be for other customers, but how the controversial policy may affect the business itself.

“That's gonna lose them a lot of business, I mean as a mum myself it was nice going out for coffee with other mums x” a fellow mum concluded.

“Idiots! Missing out on all the mummies drinking coffee. #shortsighted” another suggested.

Meanwhile, a few noted that a pram left in the aisles of an establishment could be considered a fire safety hazard if people needed to make a quick getaway in the event of a fire.

And another said they were starting to notice an anti-pushchair trend in many more shops and cafes.

Hmm. It’s definitely a tough one…

What do you think?

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Images: Instagram/Luisa Zissman

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