We're wincing in sympathy here at new mum Luisa Zissman's latest Instagram pic. She's right in the middle of those few days just after birth when your breasts swell up, feel really sore and go rock hard. So much so, in Luisa's case, that she's saying she's regretting her boob job now. Ouch, we feel her pain: those girls look ready to explode!


With cabbage leaves stuffed in her bra (yes, this is one old wives' tale that does work!) and iced towels packed round her top, Luisa took to Instagram to share her pain just days after the birth of her 2nd daughter, Indigo Esme.

Alongside a close-up snap of her swollen chest, she wrote: 'Cabbage leafs and iced towels in plastic bags. The glamorous life of motherhood ???? Regretting that boob job right about now. #engorged #massivemelons??'.

Luisa had her breasts enlarged 3 years ago because, she said, she was unhappy with how they looked after the birth of her first daughter, Dixie. She said she felt they were 'empty sacks' after pregnancy, and that she'd had them boosted from a 32C to 32E to help her get back to 'being me again'.

Despite being more than happy to share details of her engorged boobs with us, the former Apprentice star and businesswoman hasn't given too many deets away about her new little girl just yet.

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There's been the obligatory tiny hand pic, and an uber cute head-to-toe swaddled shot, and even a snap of a crib in a darkened room. But no actual big reveal of the baby's face. (Maybe there's a big photo deal in the offing?)

Luisa Zissman's older daughter welcomes baby sister home

Luisa did share a pic of the fab 'welcome home banner' her eldest daughter Dixie made to celebrate her new baby sister's arrival, though – commenting that it she wasn't sure why her daughter had referred to her as Luisa instead of Mummy but it was "too cute" all the same!

Dixie, 5, is from Luisa's first marriage to businessman Oliver Zissman, whom she divorced in 2014. She tied the knot with baby Indigo's dad, Andrew Collins, last year.

Luisa Zissman welcomes new baby girl

Luisa has been quite out there on social media throughout her pregnancy with Indigo, and has chronicled everything from her thoughts about mumsy maternity wear through how her initial calm at going overdue turned into running clary sage baths to bring on labour and then frustration as first attempts to induce her came to nothing.

We hope she keeps up all the sharing now that baby Indigo is here. We can't wait to see those first pics!

Pictures: Luisa Zissman/Instagram

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