Your child’s toys are worth £1,200!

Parents are struggling to keep up with demand for expensive tech toys and gadgets - but soft toys are king


A new search has revealed that the average 3-10 year old’s bedroom is filled with a £1,200 worth of toys. 


This stat is almost five times the value of toys parents had when they were youngsters.

According to the poll of 1,000 UK parents by Playmobil, this steep increase is due to the popularity of expensive technology-based toys and gadgets designed for children. 

It seems the lure of electronic toys is becoming even harder for parents to resist with over 30% of children aged 3-10 owning a games console and 1 in 7 owning a tablet.

But, besides this tech trend, almost a third of mums say their child’s favourite toy doesn’t actually require batteries. 

If you’re looking for ‘real toys’ on the market that don’t eat batteries or cause parental headaches, check out our 7 of the best Slow Toys

Does your child prefer traditional toys or technology toys? Let us know below… 


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