YouTube: How to have a home birth

Dad-to-be watches YouTube clips to help deliver baby at home


When Jo, 28, went into labour early and no midwives were available, husband Marc Stephens used the power of Google and YouTube to get up to speed on how to deliver a baby.


Jo and Marc, from West Cornwall, were planning a home birth for their fourth child anyway, but Jo went into labour three weeks early. Marc called the midwife, but was told they were all so busy at the hospital.

“The next thing I know, Jo is coming through the bedroom doorway on all fours. I looked down and the baby’s head was showing,” dad Marc, a Royal Navy air engineer, said.

“I Googled how to deliver a baby and watched a couple of clips on YouTube.”

Four hours later, their son, Gabriel, was born.

Jo and baby Gabriel were later taken to hospital by ambulance for a check-up, and returned home later the same day. Gabriel joins three sisters, Jasmine, Zoe and Sophie.


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