You’ve got to see this! Dad removes daughter’s wobbly milk tooth with javelin

US Olympic gold medallist Bryan Clay tied his daughter's wobbly milk tooth to his javelin


If you don’t stop wobbling that tooth I’m going to tie a piece of string around it and slam the door. Well, US Olympic gold medallist Bryan Clay went one better when he offered to help remove his 5-year-old daughter Ellie’s loose milk tooth by tying it to his javelin – before throwing it 30 meters across a field.


“What you use javelins for once you’re retired,” Bryan tweeted. The video shows his brave daughter waiting with her tooth tied with dental floss and attached to her dad’s javelin. We can’t watch as her tooth is pulled out by her dad’s expert throw!

“Her brother and sister were telling her different ways and mum was too. Then someone came up with the idea of the javelin and the second she heard that, that’s what she wanted to happen,” Clay told BBC Trending. “I didn’t want to do it. I was a little bit afraid of what people were going to think, what they were going to say, or that they would misunderstand and get a little upset.

“But it takes everybody back to a time when they did the same silly things to get their teeth pulled out and she absolutely loved it and kept asking me ‘Please, please, please Daddy’ until I gave in.”

After the stunt, Ellie put her tooth under her pillow and Bryan said she  “could hardly sleep last night.”

We hope the tooth fairy came!

Watch the amazing video below…

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