Zoobug: Cool shades for toddlers

New Aviator-style sunglasses have been launched by Zoobug


With the summer just around the corner and many families heading off to warmer climbs protecting your tot’s peepers from the sun’s rays is certainly something to think about. 


Children’s eyewear specialist Zoobug has recently unveiled some exciting new styles in its Flexibug range which will make your little one the coolest on the beach.

For toddlers who want to look the part there are stylish new Aviator sunglasses – similar to the popular grown-up models that are out at the moment.

But the Zoobug version features special attributes which make them comfortable and safe for little ones including flexible silicone arms and adjustable nose pads.

The Aviators also have sunlenses offering high levels of protection for children’s sensitive eyes.


Zoobug sunglasses are available throughout the UK at selected opticians, as well as through Harrods, David Clulow, Virgin Airlines and major UK airports.

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