10 clever things to do before you give birth

Start preparing now to make life with your newborn as stress free as possible! Check out our to-do list to make sure that you’re on track…


1. Slash your spending

“There are far more important things to be doing once your baby arrives than thinking about managing your finances,” says financial planner Martin Bamford. “Having a baby also often means a reduced household income, at least for a few months, so learning to cope with this ahead of time makes the transition a lot easier.” Have a written budget in place and arrange all your financial paperwork into folders, so you know exactly where everything is.


2. Save to drafts

Make a list of all your nearest and dearests’ phone numbers and email addresses. Then draft out a message, with blanks for your baby’s name, weight, and the time he or she was born, ready for your partner to fill in. His head will be all over the place after the birth, so he’ll never remember to contact everyone if you don’t.


3. Go trackie-tastic

Even if you’re a real skinny minnie, your tum will take time to go down after the birth, so invest in cheap tracksuit bottoms for the first couple of weeks. Primark and Peacocks have trackies in gorgeous colours if you’re worried about feeling like a frump.


4. De-bunk your buggy

You know that state-of-the-art buggy you’ve just bought? Read the instructions now! It’ll be handy to know how it folds up, where the raincover attaches and how to lie the carrycot flat before you’ve got a newborn baby in your arms.


5. Book for beauty

Get yourself an appointment for a beauty MOT a few weeks before you’re due. Have a haircut, invest in an eyebrow shaping session and perhaps even get a wax if you’re brave. Not having to worry about spilt ends or bushy brows while everyone takes your picture will give you a little boost when you really need it.

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