The average parent spends a total of £1,085.07 on their newborn baby’s nursery, a study commissioned by website has found. This figure covers everything from the cot and bedding, to the paint for the walls and flooring, but excludes toys and clothing.


So exactly what does each bit of baby kit cost? According to the 1,726 new parents surveyed, the average price tags are:

  • Cotbed £129.50
  • Paint £31.42
  • Border £33.48
  • Carpet/Flooring £96.81
  • Wardrobe £216.72
  • Chest of drawers £153.29
  • Blackout blind £30.66
  • Mobile £34.89
  • Feeding chair £189.60
  • Bedding £58.42
  • Moses basket £43.82
  • Baby monitors £49.61
  • Nightlight £16.85

When it comes to toys, the budget takes an even bigger blow, with 68% of the parents polled saying their baby toys cost more than £500. Spending on baby clothes reached more than £600 for 57% of the mums and dads. Ouch!

Here at MFM, we think there are ways to make your baby budget go further, with losing out on quality. Firstly, we’ve looked at whether you really do need a Moses basket, and if a cot or cotbed is the smartest option for your needs. We’ve also got shopping checklists to show you the baby items that are essentials, what baby gear is very useful but not vital, and finally what baby kit you can put on the “nice to have” dream list - you know, the stuff you hint heavily about to family and friends!

Our 12 ways to have a baby on a budget is also a must-read if you want to keep your family finances intact post-baby.

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