25 ways to a healthy bump

Breeze through your nine months with these easy daily tweaks to keep you and your belly blooming


1. Brush well

Pregnancy can soften your gums, leaving them prone to bleeding, inflammation and infection. The good news? Dental care is free during your nine months. So have a check-up and be sure to brush twice a day, using mouthwash afterwards

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2. Stay safe at work

“Ask your employer for a workplace risk assessment: looking at your chair, how many breaks you get and how near to a loo you are,” advises Maylyn Bonds, midwife for Tommy’s.

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3. Ban the booze

The jury’s out on whether a small amount of alcohol can harm your baby, but official guidelines say steer clear. Instead of getting the booze blues, check out our pick of the best non-alcoholic drinks to try

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4. Cut out coffee

Limit your caffeine intake to no more than 200mg a day – that’s equivalent to two mugs of instant coffee or four cups of tea or five cans of cola per day – as too much caffeine in your system can hinder blood flow to the placenta.

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5. Catch up on your kip

“Weekend lie-ins are a must if I’m knackered,” says Heather Ford, 36, from London, and 16 weeks pregnant. “I also get an early night as many times a week as I can.”

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