Watch our video to see what your baby looks like this week

Your baby may be developing a regular sleep/wake pattern and, when she or he is awake, movements probably feel less somersaulty and more squirmy or jabby. That’s not your baby being lazy; there’s just so much less room, wombside, these days.


So what's happening to your body this week?

So, remember how crazily your moods swung in early pregnancy? Well, if you’re not already back in the swing again, you probably will be soon – with turbo-charged emotional bells on.

The last few weeks of pregnancy tend to make you feel super-hormonal because, well, you are super-hormonal – your body’s levels of progesterone and oestrogen are on the rise and edging towards a new peak.

Plus, as your due date hovers ever closer into view, it’s only natural to think (OK, worry) about the birth and the baby – and, woah, all that new stuff you’ve never done before and, scream, will obviously completely mess up and… stop! And breathe. And hang in there till your emotional pendulum swings back.

Our MFMer's 31-week bump of the week


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Did you know? Your baby's now the length of... the bottom tier of a wedding cake


This week, your baby measures 41.1cm from head to heel — a step up from week 20 when it was the length of the top tier of a wedding cake!

And is just under the weight of... a bottle of champagne


Your baby now weighs around 3lb 5oz (1.5kg)!

4 things you might need to know this week

Tip of the week from our community

“Buying baby clothes? Nothing but babygrows until 6 months is the most practical. Putting real clothes on a newborn will have you in tears!” said Vicki, a member of our MadeForMums community.

Got a steriliser yet?


A hot steamer may seem like a nice idea (or a sweaty hovel), but this one's for bottles, not for you. Sterilisers kill off the nasty bugs that can lurk in milk and will also keep dummies sterile.

Even if you're planning to breastfeed exclusively, you may find you want to express your milk occasionally — to let your partner share the joys of feeding (aka grabbing a bit more sleep yourself).

Sterilisers don't need to be the ugliest thing in the kitchen — yep, who thought steam could be stylish?

Our pregnancy recipe for week 31 — Sardines and watercress salad on toast


Why watercress is great for your growing baby

Peppery but juicy, watercress is a bit like rocket without the achingly trendy overtones – and it’s good stuff to eat when you’re pregnant because it’s so nutrient-dense.

It’s a particularly good source of betacarotene, vitamin K and calcium (for all the baby-bone-building you’re doing). And it’s not shabby when it comes to other vits and mins, either, racking up ‘ticks’ for vitamins B6 and E, iron and manganese.

See the full recipe and get cooking...

Baby namer - what do you think of these botanical names?

If you're feeling more in tune with nature, what about these plant-inspired names?

Like a green breath of fresh air, the flowerless Fern is a nod to nature without getting all floral. The unusual name can also be spelled Fearne.
Celeb name-check: Fearne Cotton is a radio host and Celebrity Juice panellist.

Growing in lush, damp carpets, Moss is mysterious and evokes the still of deep forests. This surname-come-firstname is used by the geeky-cool Moss in The IT Crowd.
Celeb name-check: Kate Moss is an English model and icon.

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