41 weeks

At 41 weeks, you're probably sick to death of people texting to ask if you've had the baby yet. But, as big and as overcooked as you may feel, know you're really not that unusual: about 10% of newborns arrive later than their due date (and, anyway, you're not officially overdue, you know, until you've seen out week 42). Here's a nice 41-week bump from Anna from our community.


Annwen @ 41 weeks

This is Annwen's baby boy bump at 41 weeks


Zoe @ 41 weeks

And Zoe's baby bump at 41 weeks...


AngWass2 @ 41 (+4!) weeks

And, finally, a properly final 41-week pregnancy shot from AngWass2: "Last bump pic as hopefully being induced tomorrow x'

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