Amazing video shows baby yawning in the womb

Researchers believe images could help doctors monitor baby development

Baby yawning

An amazing video has revealed footage of a baby yawning in the womb. 


Researchers believe that 4D ultrasound scans that capture unborn babies yawning may help doctors monitor a baby’s development in the womb, and could be used as an indicator of a baby’s health, reports The Guardian.

Scientists at Durham University gave 15 mums-to-be 4D ultrasound scans four times during their pregnancy, with the last scan at 36 weeks – just a few weeks before the babies were born.

They found that the youngest babies yawned the most, and healthy babies yawned less as they approached their birth dates.

Scientists said they were unsure why unborn babies yawned, they believe the movement may be related to the maturation of their central nervous systems.

“It may be that, in order to get part of the brain to mature in the correct way, you need a certain stimulus, and yawning might be that stimulus,” said Nadja Reissland, a psychologist who specialises in foetal development at Durham University.

“Unlike us, foetuses do not yawn contagiously, nor do they yawn because they are sleepy. Instead, the frequency of yawning in the womb may be linked to the maturing of the brain early in gestation,” Nadja said.

The concept of monitoring foetal yawns as an indicator of a baby’s health is reportedly supported by other studies in the field, and could lead to a new way for doctors to monitor baby development.

See the video here, what do you think?


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