Avoid junk food when pregnant

Mums-to-be who graze on junk food are more likely to have unhealthy children.


A new UK study suggests pregnant women who eat junk food are more likely to have children who go on to develop obesity, heart disease and diabetes.


These children are also more likely to develop a preference for junk food themselves.

‘This study supports existing evidence that suggests your pregnancy diet can affect your unborn baby,’ says Tommy’s midwife Sharon Simms.

‘Being pregnant is a good opportunity to eat more healthily. You don’t have to make big changes. Eat a simple, blanaced diet with plenty of fruit and veg, and limit sugary treats. Ask your midwife for advice.’

Having trouble steering clear of junk food? Try the following easy, healthy food swaps:

SWAP crisps (nasty additives, low in nutrients)
FOR vegetable crisps (high in fibre, provide a range of vitamins eg folic acid in beetroot)

SWAP chocolate bars (high in sugar and fat, little nutritional value)
FOR cereal bars (look for one combining fruit, oats and seeds if possible. B vitamins are good for energy, fibre makes you feel full)


SWAP biscuits (high in calories and saturated fat)
FOR a banana and some sunflower seeds  (potassium is good for a healthy heart, protein will help your baby grow).

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