Can I give birth to twins naturally?

What are the chances of a natural birth if you're pregnant with twins?


What is suggested for the delivery of your twins will depend on a number of factors.


Firstly, the type of twins you are having is very important.

For identical twins, many obstetricians will recommend they are delivered by a planned C-section to avoid possible labour complications that can arise if the twins share the same blood flow from the placenta.

But for non-identical twins, you can plan for a normal birth.

Other factors include the position of the first baby (a breech baby will mean a C-section is recommended), the size of the babies (if the first baby is far smaller, a Caesarean may be recommended) and whether labour starts prematurely (in which case, a vaginal birth can be beneficial to the babies).

However, even when a normal birth is planned, there is a higher chance that a Caesarean will be needed.

This is mainly because if the second twin seems distressed, it may be necessary to get both babies out quickly.

It’s also possible that the first baby will deliver normally and you’ll need a C-section for the second, due to complications. This occurs in about one in 20 twin labours in the UK.


Regardless of what is recommended, your obstetrician will listen to your concerns. If you’d prefer to have a Caesarean and not try for a normal birth, it’s likely this would be permitted, so do speak up about any fears you have.

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