RD Celebrity mums’ crazy pregnancy cravings

What do celebrities crave when they're pregnant? Find out what top celebrity mums-to-be just have to eat...


Beyonce craved some weird and wonderful foods…

From Oreo biscuits and gherkins, to Bounty ice creams with hot chilli sauce and bananas dipped in ketchup, Beyonce’s cravings were crazy.


It really was pickles and ice-cream for pregnant Blake Lively

The Mirror revealed that when Gossip Girl actress Blake was pregnant, she would send her husband Ryan Reynolds out for hand-churned pumpkin-flavoured ice-cream and small-batch pickles. Bizarre!


Michael Bublé’s wife had a blood-thirsty attitude to food during her pregnancy

Luisiana Bublé couldn’t get enough of blood sausages – black pudding – when she was pregnant with baby Noah. It was enough to turn Michael right off his food…


Jessica Simpson’s taste buds went salt and jelly…

The singer and actress had some interesting cravings when she was pregnant, from toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to licking piles of salt.


Drew Barrymore, “I eat lots of Chinese food”.

The Charlie’s Angels star had a weakness for pan-fried noodles during pregnancy number two. The actress fantasised about Chinese food, constantly!

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