Changes you don’t expect in pregnancy

From swollen feet to common infections, what every pregnant woman needs to know…


Haywire hair

On the journey to motherhood, it’s normal for your hair to be affected because it’s changing along with the rest of your body. “Some women will notice subtle differences while others will have a dramatic new texture to their locks,” says Lee Stafford, celebrity hairdresser.


If pregnancy is playing havoc with your hair learn how to tame your mane, and check out what colouring treatments are safe to use when expecting. 


Irritable infections

As a mum-to-be it’s important to look after yourself as you become more susceptible to certain infections and disorders.

From the discomfort of cystitis to dealing with obstetric cholestasis, we give you all the essential information you need.


Mood swings

Up one minute, down the next? As soon as you see that positive pregnancy test, your whole world changes, including your moods and emotions.

“Your hormones go into overdrive in the first three months,” says Jane Munro, Midwife at the Royal College of Midwives. But it’s completely normal to feel moody or tearful, so don’t panic!

Check out our top advice on how to ride the emotional rollercoaster.


Skin problems

As a mum-to-be your skin can change just as much as your body.

In nine months you can experience everything from stretchmarks to darker nipples, varicose veins and even the appearance of a line on your tummy known as linea nigra.

Give your skin some extra love and care with our super 5-step plan!


Aches and pains

Feeling bloomin’ awful?

If you’re suffering with headaches, swollen feet or pelvic pain, follow our guide to the best drug-free ways to soothe pregnancy’s minor aches.


And if you’re feeling tired, beat pregnancy fatique with some of our simple pick-me ups.


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