Choosing your child's name is so important - no wonder we've got so much inspiration to help you make a decision ?


Here, we wanted to give you some ideas of baby names derived from colours, or baby names that have colourful meanings.

There are so many gorgeous colours in the world, that evoke different emotions and suggest different personalities, which is why we think they're so popular with parents - and why they can make a lovely choice for your little one!


Here are 68 beautiful colour baby names to choose from...


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A latin origin name that's also used to describe the gorgeous yellow gem stone, with hints of gold and orange.


Makes us think of a blue-green ocean in a sunny foreign country. Officially, it simply means 'water'.


A lovely gender neutral name of English origin, taken from 'ash tree'. The colour it evokes for us is rather a sooty grey, though. A lovely nickname for Ashlee, Ashley or Ashleigh.


A beautiful colour, reddish-brown or burgundy.


This lovely name means 'golden' in Latin. Heidi Range of Sugababes fame recently chose this name for her baby girl.


Means white in Italian. Perfect for lively personalities, as it brings to mind the fiesty, funny RuPaul's Drag Race star Bianca Del Rio!


A name of Spanish origin, also meaning 'white'.


Of French origin, also meaning 'white'. Made famous by A Streetcar Named Desire, and Rue McClanahan's character on the Golden Girls.


A gender neutral name, obviously representing the colour blue. Most famously used by Beyonce and Jay-Z for their daughter Blue Ivy.


A German name meaning 'brown'. Made famous by pop superstar Bruno Mars. Also a judge on Strictly and the name of Nigella Lawson's son!


The colour (and taste) of caramel is unmistakable. We've never seen it used as a baby name before, but could inspire the names Carmel or Carmella.


A gorgeous French name meaning 'Cherry'.


The name Cherry is taken from the dark red, and super sweet, fruit!


This name has little to do with the tiny, tangy orange fruit. It actually has roots in French and Latin, and means 'mild' and 'merciful'.


An English name, taken from the flower. Makes us think of a four-leaf clover, which is a lovely green, and is thought to be very lucky indeed!


Taken from 'cocoa', that would make Coco a rich chocolately colour! Of French origin, made famous by designer Coco Chanel and Friends star Courteney Cox.


An English name, essentially an alternative way to spell 'coal', which is an deep, ashy black.


Could mean anything from the underwater plant, to the beautiful gem stone. For us, the colour coral evokes a pinky orange, really 'pops', and is just plain fun!


An unexpectedly colourful name - Cressida means 'golden' in Greek. Probably sounds familiar thanks to Cressida Bonas, socialite and ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry.


A deep, dark, luscious red - and an out-there choice for a baby name. Could make a nice alternative to Scarlet. We're not sure what the nickname would be, though!


This is an English name meaning 'deeply black wood'.


Apparently, this name's of Persian origin, and is taken from the gem stone. Emeralds are a lovely green, and the nickname 'Esme' is equally as pretty.


Either Spanish or Portuguese in origin, depending on how you pronounce it, meaning 'emerald'. Made famous by Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, who chose this name for their 1st daughter.


French origin name, meaning 'woodsman or woods'. A great colour name, but also great if you're a nature lover.


Speaks for itself, really! A very iconic English-origin name choice: Ginger Rogers springs to mind!


Goldie obviously is a play on the colour 'gold'. Cute, fun and made famous by actress Goldie Hawn.


Apparently a name of English origin which means 'son of the bailiff'. We've included it here because it reminds us of the colour grey.


Drop the 'son' and simply go for the colour. Can also be stylised as 'Gray' - the American spelling for 'Grey'.


Hazel wood, hazel eyes - all remind of that honey-ish brown. P.S. One of our MFM team is named Hazelann!


An English name, meaning 'one who hunts'. Makes us think of hunter green!


A blue so deep and dark it's almost black. A lovely gender neutral choice, we'd say.


Could represent the colour of ivory, or also reference the Ivory Coast.


Representative of the pearly green gem stone. There are lots of famous female Jades: Jade Jagger, Sugababes singer Jade Ewan, Jade Goody. We also know of a male Jade in the public eye, too: Jade Jones, the partner of Spice Girls star Emma Bunton!


This one's taken from the phrase 'jet black', quite literally. Katie Price has a son named Jett.


So, Kelly is an Irish name that apparently means 'war'. It's included here because it can also reference the shade kelly green.


A dreamy, sleepy, pale purple - makes us think of the lovely flower. A very delicate name typically used for little girls.


A light shade of purple. This name was recently chosen by one of our MFM mums for her baby girl, Luna Lilac.


An English name, taken from the eponymous flower. Marigolds are often a bright, golden yellow or a deep orange.


Mauve's a hard colour to describe - it's purple, not light and not dark, but with less of the bluey hues and favouring the reddy-brown tint. Often associated with the mallow flower. The name's a little old school, but we like it as an alternative to Maeve.


A Greek name, meaning 'dark'. Can be shortened to 'Mel'.


Speaks for itself this one, doesn't it? The ocean can be many shades of green and blue, it's always changing - but who doesn't have great memories of the beach?


Originates from the Latin word 'Oliva', and the olive tree. Could be an alternative to 'Oliver' or 'Olivia'. We like the idea of peace it emanates - typically, extended an 'olive branch' is a sign of goodwill and diplomacy.


Opals are gorgeous gem stones, which shimmer many different colours from the pale, pearly exterior - green, blue, pink, gold, just to name a few.


A latin name meaning 'dawn' and 'golden'. An unusual alternative to Ariana, made famous by popstar Ariana Grande.


An irish name meaning 'golden Princess'. Can also be stylised as 'Orlagh' or 'Orlaith'.


Another gem stone, typically seen as expensive and valuable. Its colour is a milky white orcream with a silvery sheen.


Taken from the flower, which can bloom as a variety of colours: yellow, white, pink, purple, magenta, coral. Best known from The Hunger Games character, the brave little sis of heroine Katniss Everdeen.


Perhaps THE most colourful on our list. Loved by former Playboy bunny Holly Madison for her baby girl.


Evokes the colour black, also the colour of the bird of the same name. Makes us think of Raven-Symone, star of Disney Channel's That's So Raven and US talk show The View. Superhero fans, take note: Raven Darkholme is also the real name of X-Men's Mystique!


A nature-themed name, could represent a variety of blue hues. Made famous by the late actor River Phoenix.


Of Spanish origin, meaning 'Rose.'.


A classic, romantic flower, and a well-known shade of red. Loved by Scarlett Johansson, whose daughter is named Rose Dorothy.

Also the name of Rose McGowan, feminist activist and Charmed star. Makes us think of the delightfully dippy Rose from Golden Girls!


Of French origin, meaning 'red'. A nice, if unusual, name choice.


Another colourful name taken from a jewel or gemstone.


Of Latin origin, meaning 'red' or 'russet'. If too out there for you, it could be a possible nickname for 'Russell'.


A name derived from the spice Saffron, which is a beautiful shade of red.


Another herb, this time a pale-ish green.


This is a beautiful Japanese name, which means 'cherry blossom'.


A Greek name which apparently means 'protector of mankind'! We've included it because it evokes the golden colour of sand. Made famous by Olivia Newton-John's sweet character in the '60s musical Grease.


A gemstone, a shade of dark blue. One of the less common jewel-inspired names you could choose, we'd say.


A baby name which means red. Can be stylised with one 't' or two. Made famous by actress Scarlett Johansson, and Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt!


An Italian name, derived from the city of Siena, or the orange-red clay. You could stylise with one 'n' or two. Reminds us of actress Sienna Miller.


The sky can be many colours, everything from dusky pink to crystal blue to stormy grey. The sky is everywhere and everything. Can be stylised as 'Skye', too.


The French word for 'sun' - which makes us think of the colour gold.


Like Sky, the colour of a storm changes frequently. But think dark, cloudy, powerful, maybe even a flash of electric blue lightning! Recently chosen by Kylie Jenner, who named her daughter Stormi. Also makes us think of Halle Berry's bright-white hair as superhero Storm in X-Men!


We think Tanner sounds very American - and obviously brings to mind the 'tan' shade of brown. Tan on its own is a great baby name to consider, too. Reminds us of Tan France, one of Netflix's Queer Eye stars!


An English name meaning 'golden brown'.


A flower, and shade of purple. Of Latin origin, simply meaning 'purple'. This name, to us, is very soft and sweet, and feels very vintage - despite its popularity. Most famously chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for their daughter.


The last name we expected to be on our colourful list. In Greek, Xanthe means 'golden' or 'yellow'. The more you know!

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