Welcome to the wonderful world of baby names ?


Choosing a name that you, your partner and your little one will love (when they're old enough) is no easy feat.

(Unless you've known what you're naming your kids since you were born, of course ? )

There are a lot of different decisions to make and things to consider - all of which we'll cover below - but then once you've decided on all that, there are still what feels like millions of options to trawl through.

So, in this article, we'll try our best to help you on your way to landing the baby name pick of your dreams.

We'll cover:

- plus we'll give you access to our comprehensive baby name finder...

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How to choose your baby's name

There’s so much to think about when it comes to the name - so why not break it down?

Here are just some of the key questions to ask yourselves:

  • Is there anyone you know who shares the name you’ve landed on? A celebrity? Or is it a tribute to a family member, living or dead? If so, how do they feel about it? Do you even like the person?(There are a few remorseful parents out there who admit they regret their baby name choice for some of these very reasons…)
  • What does the name you like actually mean? Is it reflective of who you want them to be? And is the meaning, you know, sound? After all, it's no good finding out 6 months down the line that your cute-sounding choice means something not so sweet in Spanish ?
  • Are both parents on the same page with the options? It's key you both actually agree on the name...(The process of naming in general is bound to cause heated debate if you’ve both got different ideas – and science backs us up to say it's actually the most common argument between parents. One to avoid, if you can!)

As you search through our inspirational articles below, keep all of the above in mind.

Now, time to grab a pad and a pen, or open the notes app on your phone, and get to viewing our extensive list of baby name inspo ✨

MadeForMums' Top 160 baby names

We've established already just how tricky it can be to narrow down your baby name preferences - but we reckon it always helps to have a look at some nice, long baby name lists ?

The best place to start is right here with the official MadeForMums top 160 baby names for 2017 ?

Chosen by our own MFM mums for their new babies between August 2016 - 2017, these 80 girls' names and 80 boys' names are what parents are loving right now...

The most popular names might surprise you, too - they certainly surprised us!

The UK's top baby names 2009 - 2016

The key way to keep an eye on the most popular (or most common - depending on how you look at it) baby names in the country is to look out for the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and their official annual report.

The report tallies the most-used names chosen by parents living in England and Wales.

Here are the most recent top 10 lists:

Our baby name inspiration

There’s baby name inspiration everywhere you look – from the birds in the sky to the seasons.

If you’re into nature, you’ll definitely want to check out our 21 animal and bird-inspired handles.

Or, if you're keen to have your child's birth month acknowledged, why not look up our:

We’ve also collected some of the best Muslim and spiritual monikers, for those who want something to reflect their beliefs.

Our list of Irish baby name inspiration, Welsh-themed picks and Scottish-inspired monikers will also come in handy if you're after something that reflects your heritage – or go global with one of these place names for your little one!

You could also take a hint from the residents of Buckingham Palace, and peruse our royal girls name ideas and royal boys name ideas.

These suggestions are well and good, but what if you’re thinking about something with a twist?

Well, we’ve got loads to choose from if you’re after something a bit edgy, a bit different: here are some selections of unusual possibilities for boys and girls, plus

2017's been a big year for baby name trends - ideal if you're looking for something en vogue.

Some of the general ones have seen us loving gender-neutral names (that work for boys and girls), ludicrously posh monikers and too-cool-for-school choices.

We also recently discovered the resurgence of old-fashioned, vintage baby names, flashing back to the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s with names like Evelyn and Audrey.

But other trends have been waaay more event-focused. In 2016, the death of music icon David Bowie spurred on the naming of baby Bowies (among other related names) this year, while the Rio Olympics inspired sports fans to give their kids these names of champions.

The rise and rise of Instagram has given way to some gram-themed picks, as have best-selling books and our favourite female-led films.

The MadeForMums baby name finder

The MadeForMums baby name finder is a tool you can use to scan through thousands of unique names and their meanings.

We reckon it works pretty well if you know which letter you want your child's name to start with, or if you're the kind of parent-to-be who likes endlessly scrolling in search of the perfect name.

Above is just a sample of some of the names you can explore...

But if you still feel like scrolling, we also love this very unusual baby name generator, created by one clever student at Stanford University.

Celebrity baby names: what they mean and why they picked them

A look at the most recent celebrity baby names – and the stories, meanings and reasons behind them:

  • Meanwhile, TOWIE colleague Billie Faiers had no choice to but to choose a vintage boys’ name – all thanks to her partner, and daughter Nelly!
  • Another Russian name – this time for a girl – from Strictly couple Kristina Rihanoff and Ben Cohen.
  • Finally, Cat Deeley announced her son’s cool name in a low key, fashion-forward way.

Share your baby name ideas...

Want to discuss your baby name thoughts and plans - no matter where you are in decided? There are loads of places to connect on our MadeForMums Baby Names forum.

We especially love this thread looking at names our mums like the best, and this one discussing names for future baby boys.

And as always, we'd love for you to get in touch and tell us the names you like on Facebook ?

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