We love nothing more than finding out the names celebs have picked for their babies, and Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie and his wife Georgie have certainly not disappointed us with their verrrry interesting choice of moniker for their newborn daughter.


The news of the baby's arrival was shared on Twitter by Ben's sailing sponsor, Land Rover BAR, in the from of an uber cute black and white pic of the proud mummy and daddy with baby... wait for it... Bellatrix.

Yep, you read that right - Ben and Georgie have given their daughter the same name as the character Madam Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.

Bellatrix (who was one of Voldemort's evil supporters) was one of the most iconic villains in the Harry Potter films - in large part due to the character's distinctive gothic look, and Helena Bonham Carter's bewitching performance in the role.

Of course, they could have been inspired by the Latin meaning of the name, which many sources say is 'female warrior', or the astronomical connection - Bellatrix is also the name of the star that marks the left shoulder of the constellation Orion.

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The unusual name choice also has the potential for some traditional nicknames, too: Bella, Trixie, Belle, etc.

The couple are obviously besotted with their new arrival - and who wouldn't be - as Ben retweeted Land Rover's picture message with the hashtag #proudestday.

It would also seem new mum Georgie gave us a clue to the reason she picked the name in her baby announcement.

She tweeted: "Our little star has arrived. Here she is with very proud Mummy and Daddy... Bellatrix Ainslie. #bringthebabyhome"

Ben and Georgie first announced they were expecting a baby back in March with Ben saying he "could not have asked for a better start to what promises to be a hugely enjoyable year.

"My wife Georgie and I are expecting our first child this summer. It is a big moment for us both and we could not be happier."

Congrats to the happy new parents ?

Would you choose an unusual name associated with a very famous movie character? What's the story behind your little one's baby name?

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Pic: Land Rover BAR/Twitter

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