Binky Felstead and boyfriend Josh ‘JP’ Patterson have revealed their newborn daughter’s name!


The couple, both famous for their on-off (now definitely on) romance on Made In Chelsea, told Hello magazine that their little girl is called India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson ?

It’s a very slebby choice - Thor star Chris Hemsworth and singer Sarah McLachlan also have daughters named India.

India’s also, according to Nameberry, an exotic but very popular choice in England.

Middle name Elizabeth is probably a hand-me-down from generations gone by, as Binky shares the same middle name.

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We totally ? this very classic and very Chelsea choice, but we do have to wonder if they’d originally planned a different moniker?

Made In Chelsea newbie Ryan Libbey told BANG Showbiz they were going in another direction, following another reality star's interest in India...

"They did have a name in mind for the baby but then they realised that someone else in the public eye just had a baby called the same name.

"It was someone from The Only Way is Essex or something like that, I can't remember but the baby was called India...

"They've gone against it purely because someone's beat them to it. Which I don't know, I don't know if that's just like reasons why you shouldn't but…"

Indeed, TOWIE alum Amy Childs revealed her new baby daughter Polly was set to be called India... so we wonder which other names were on the table? ?

Ah, all's well that ends well ?

Images: Instagram/Binky Felstead, Hello

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