Kellie and Paul's birth dates:

Kellie Denise Bright, born 1 July 1976
Paul Stocker, born 28 February


Kellie and Paul's children:

Freddy Stocker, born 4 December 2011
Gene Harlyn Stocker, born 21 November 2016

Kellie and Paul's relationship

We best know Kellie as Linda Carter on the BBC soap EastEnders, but how much do we know about her life as a mum?

Well, we do know that Kellie first met the father of her children, Atonement actor Paul Stocker, when she was 31 and he was 24.

The couple's 10-year relationship is seemingly pretty tight.

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Kellie's 1st pregnancy

In 2011, it was revealed that Kellie was pregnant with her 1st child, a baby boy. Kellie later revealed that she'd managed to fall pregnant easily, at the age of 34.

Freddy Stocker

On 4 December 2011, Kellie and Paul welcomed their son Freddie.

We don't know many details about the birth, but we do know that it wasn't an easy one. Kellie later told OK! magazine that she had been induced, due to pre-eclampsia.

Kellie Bright's wedding

Kellie and Paul married in 2014. Their wedding ceremony took place in the hamlet of Trelill, Cornwall.

It's said to have been a very intimate gathering - though for us regular folk, would've been pretty star studded, as some of Kellie's soap star friends were reportedly in attendance!

The couple briefly split for perhaps 2 weeks before their wedding, though are said to have quickly reconciled!

Kellie's 2nd pregnancy

In May 2016, the news broke that Kellie and Paul were expecting their 2nd baby.

Kellie was to be 40 years old by the time her due date rolled along, and she admitted getting pregnant again hadn't been a walk in the park.

She decided to take a 6-month break from her role on EastEnders as maternity leave, and assured fans she'd be back, tweeting with her announcement: "#LindaCarter4Ever"

At 6 months along, Kellie and bump were spotted looking casual and summer-cool in a floaty, patterned dress.

Gene Harlyn Stocker

On 21 November 2016, a baby boy named Gene Harlyn was born.

Kellie debuted her son on the cover OK! magazine, to whom she explained the reason behind his unusual, old Hollywood name.

Turns out, she and her nan had been big Gene Kelly fans, among others!

Kellie also opened up to OK! about her son's difficult 1st few weeks, which saw him diagnosed with bronchiolitis.

“He had a nasty cough but the doctors assured me he’d be fine... then he suddenly went downhill so we rushed him to hospital where he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis."

“He had to spend a few nights in hospital on oxygen but he’s home now and well on the road to recovery.”

Fortunately, he's fully better now!

Images: Getty, OK! magazine

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