Cat and Patrick's birth dates:

Catherine Elizabeth 'Cat' Deeley, born 23 October 1976
Patrick Kielty, 31 January 1971


Cat and Patrick's children:

Milo Kielty, born 19 January 2016

How did Cat Deeley meet Patrick Kielty?

TV presenters Cat and Patrick had known each other for a long time before getting together as a couple. They ran in the same circles, and even presented BBC singing competition Fame Academy together in 2002.

Despite a spark of chemistry between them, their friendship remained just a friendship until years later, when Patrick flew from Northern Ireland to LA as a sweet surprise for Cat's birthday.

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It seemed distance had been a factor in thwarting any budding romance - Patrick is Irish, and Cat is typically based in LA for her presenting job on So You Think You Can Dance.

He told the Daily Mail:

"Well there had always been a spark between us, but either she was with someone or I was, and then she moved to LA, so opportunities for something to develop were limited.

"Unless someone was stupid enough to get on a plane, nothing would have happened.

"Cat was in LA and I was in Northern Ireland, so I texted her to wish her a happy birthday.

"When she said she was having a birthday lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel, I said I'd be there. She told me to go to sleep as I was drunk.

"That was 2am. I got up at 5am, went to Belfast airport for 6am, got the 7.15am flight to Heathrow, landed at 8.30am, took off again at 9.40am and arrived in LA at 1.15pm.

"I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel by 2.15pm. When I walked in, Cat looked at me and said: "Oh, you're good!""

He later told This Morning that the move caused Cat to 'fall out of her chair'.

What a story ????

Cat Deeley's wedding

Cat and Patrick married on 30 September 2012. Their wedding ceremony reportedly took place in Rome, and was incredibly private.

Cat's 1st pregnancy

We didn't hear a great deal from Cat during her 1st pregnancy - she's a pretty private person.

However, we did get a few gorgeous bump shots. Here, we get a glimpse of her just-beginning-to-grow bump, and her 'magic' peekaboo bump dress...

And, pictured above, are Cat and Patrick at the Emmys, at the 7-month mark.

Milo Kielty

Milo Kielty was born on 19 January 2016. We haven't seen any pics of his face on social media. Understandably, Milo's identity is being kept as private as poss.

Mum Cat kept his name under wraps for some time, only revealing it by wearing a gorgeous, trend-setting name necklace at an event.

Milo's also got a nickname, too. "We call him the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air because he gets whatever he wants," dad Patrick told Lorraine.

And Patrick confessed that fatherhood was a bit of an adjustment: "You suddenly realise when you get married, you're number one.

"Then a kid [comes along] and you're number two, then a dog you're number three, and you spend your life going down the pecking order."

Cat and Patrick have had more than 2 buggies for Milo. He's been pushed in a couple of uber-cool black strollers - one of which is available in the UK.

Finally, the question we're all dying to know: with a Brummie mum, an Irish dad and an LA hometown - what is little Milo's accent going to be?

Cat's 2nd pregnancy

Cat bemoaned the fact that she was referred to be medical professionals as a 'geriatric mum', when she revealed to them she wanted to try for a 2nd child at the age of 40.

Luckily, Cat's 'geriatric' (LOL ?) status didn't hold her back, and happily, she revealed in January 2018 that her 2nd child is due in Spring 2018.

Image: Instagram/Cat Deeley, Instagram/Patrick Kielty

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