Ease the pregnancy quease

Handy advice, tips and help on how to keep pregnancy morning sickness at bay


It may not be much comfort when you’re feeling queasy 24/7, but you’re definitely not alone if you’re suffering from morning sickness. The good news is that most mums-to-be find the nausea eases by about week 14. However, to get you through the next few weeks mums-to-be from our chatrooms offer their advice on ways ease the quease:


Ginger nuts

‘I felt sick all day, every day, for the first 13 weeks. I found it eased off when I ate, but it soon returned when I stopped! Eating ginger biscuits and sipping ginger and lemon tea were soothing.’

Get gargling!

‘I find it helps to clean my teeth then swill out my mouth with very cold water. Funnily enough, if I wake up and don’t feel sick I feel a bit worried. What am I like?!’

My mate, Marmite

‘At the moment I can’t face meat or anything in gravy – just thinking about it makes me feel sick! Toast with marmite seems to help though.’

Pop those pills

‘I’ve found it helps to take a pregnancy multivitamin like Pregnacare. It contains vitamin B6, which I’ve heard can ease morning sickness.’

Go bananas

‘Strong-smelling, fried or spcy foods made my sickness worse. But bread, oatcakes and bananas all helped ease my nausea.’

Band aid

‘I wore the anti-sickness travel bands from Boots and found they helped a lot. However, my kids kept singing the 118 118 advert and said I just needed the matching headband!’

Water baby

‘I used to bathe in lukewarm water. The cool temperature gave me a bit of a shock when I got in the bath, which immediately made my sickness better.’

Cheese, please!

‘I’ve found it helps to eat little and often, otherwise I have waves of nausea. Cheese toasties are my favourite!’

Morning munchies

‘I’ve read that you’re more likely to feel sick in the mornings because your blood sugar’s low. I prevented this by eating a bowl of cereal as soon as I got up – it worked really well.’

Ice, ice baby

‘Completely by accident, when I was stealing a bit of my daughter’s treat, I came across a fabulous solution – ice lollies! Not only do they ease nausea but they also remove that awful taste you get in your mouth.’

Visit Lillipops.com to buy lollies for mums-to-be. Flavours include lemon & mint, and ginger, £7.25 for a pack of 20.


WARNING: If you’re being sick frequently, can’t keep anything down and are losing weight, contact your doctor.

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