Enjoy a safe summer pregnancy abroad

Going on holiday with a bump? We help put your mind at rest with answers to some common worries


Blue skies and sunshine put a smile on our faces, but coping with a bump in the heat on holiday can be less than fun. Our guide will help you stay cool and fresh this summer


Q We’re going abroad on holiday and I’m worried about the drinking water. How can I stay safe?

A Use bottled, boiled or sterile water for drinking, brushing your teeth and washing fruit and veg. Always check the bottle is properly sealed before you buy it and ask for drinks without ice when in restaurants and bars. Fizzy water is slightly acidic, so bugs are less likely to survive in it – and of course, it’s not so easy for an enterprising trader to replace with tap water!

Q Is it safe to sunbathe?

A ‘When you’re pregnant your skin is more sensitive,’ says midwife Suzanne Moody, ‘and you’re much more susceptible to sunburn.’ Cover up in loose, comfortable clothes and use a sunscreen with a high SPF, paying particular attention to your face, as you’re more prone to uneven skin pigmentation during pregnancy. ‘Also, your body temperature is higher during pregnancy, so drink lots of fluids,’ adds Suzanne. Sunbeds are not recommended during pregnancy, and saunas and Jacuzzis are also out.


Q I’m thinking of booking a last-minute holiday. Is there anything I should bear in mind?

A Consider countries where you won’t need vaccinations or anti-malarial treatments, as many of these aren’t recommended during pregnancy. ‘If you’re planning to fly, mention it to your midwife or doctor so you can be assessed,’ advises Suzanne.

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