Essential baby gear for under £500!

Save £££s with our guide on all your bargain baby must-haves


1. Travel system

Hauck Shopper Trio Set, £259.99


If you’re driving home from hospital, your baby will need a car seat, and every new mum needs a pushchair to take her little one out and about. A travel system offers you the best of both worlds. Plus, this smart model comes with a roomy shopping basket, a rearward-facing carrycot and first-stage car seat included.


2. Carrier

Tomy Freestyle Classic Carrier, £24.95

On days when your baby just wants to be close to you, or you and your partner fancy a hands-free walk, a good baby carrier is invaluable. Pick one that lets you get your baby in and out with ease, and that supports your baby’s back and head well. Your baby will love this new view of the world, and closeness to you.


3. Baby bath

Mothercare Foam Bath Support, £7.99

Your ordinary bath will work very well on its own for your baby later on, but it will help enormously if you can have at least one hand free to wash and soap a newborn, so invest in a simple foam bath insert that will keep your little one feeling safe and secure.


4. Monitor

Fisher-Price Sounds ‘N’ Lights Monitor, £22.99

For a basic, but serviceable monitor, consider this plug-in analogue nursery monitor that includes a nightlight, gentle lullaby sounds and visual alert display. The parent unit is portable, with a range of up to 150 metres.


5. Moses basket

Baby Weavers Butterscotch Palm Moses Basket, £29.99

Little sleepyheads can snuggle down in a Moses basket for their first 6 months, so you can keep them near you during the day and night. You may want to invest in a stand as well for safety at night, but you could position it securely on a sofa during the day. This one comes with handles, mattress and cotton/linen mix fabric hood and lining.


6. Bottles

MAM Ultivent Anti-Colic Bottle, £4.75 for one

For bottlefeeding, invest in some good all-round anti-colic bottles which are available in a small 130ml size for newborns, moving up to a 160ml and 260ml size as your baby grows. Our testers like the good value MAM range, which comes in coloured finishes with four different teat-flow options.


7. Changing bag

Tippitoes City Changing Bag, £25.99

Considering how much you’ll be toting your change bag around everywhere, it’s worth buying something sturdy and practical. This roomy design includes everything you need, like a change mat, plus mesh pockets and internal bottle holder.


8. Bouncy chair

Babies R Us Berry Bouncing Cradle, £14.99

As your baby grows and spends less time asleep and more time awake, it will assist her development if she can sit and see what’s going on around her, and help her make eye contact with you and other members of the family. A bouncy chair, which will rock gently in response to your baby’s movements, will keep her safely off the floor away from draughts.


9. Steriliser

Philips Avent Microwave Steriliser, £19.99

Whether you opt for breastfeeding or bottlefeeding you’ll need a steriliser to keep all your breast pump parts, nipple shields, soothers, bottles and teats ultra-clean. A good basic model like this one can be used in the microwave, holds up to six bottles and takes from two minutes to sterilise.


10. Bedding

Mothercare Moses Basket 6-Piece Bedding Starter Set, £29.99

Buying a ‘bale’ of bedding makes good economic sense – you get two of everything to give you a change of sheets, plus it’s cheaper than buying them individually.


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