Fish oil during pregnancy reduces infant eczema

A daily dose of fish oil could prevent eczema


A study has shown that fish oil taken during pregnancy could help mothers avoid passing on eczema to their babies.


Cases of infant eczema were reduced by a third in the study conducted by the Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute in North Adelaide, South Australia.

700 pregnant women with a family history of eczema were asked to take either a daily Omega-3 supplement or a placebo, with a third less of those taking the supplement passing the condition on to their children.

Maria Markides who led the study said: ‘This is potentially important because these children are the ones considered most likely to develop asthma and respiratory allergies at school age.’


The children in the study will continue to be observed until they are six years old to determine exactly what role fish oil supplements could play in the prevention of childhood eczema and other allergies.

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