Get organised before birth – 1 week to go

The big day is looming, so as you’re on your maternity leave, consider getting these last minute bits done…


Pack your hospital bag

“No matter how little time you have, be sure to pack the basics ready to take into hospital with you,” says health visitor Angela Davy ( “You’ll need a towel and soap, shampoo and your toothbrush, along with big knickers, maternity pads, nightwear and loose clothing. For your baby, plan for two clean layers every 24 hours. Go for a vest and sleepsuit to keep her warm and a hat, and don’t forget nappies!”


Buy a Moses basket

If you haven’t had time to sort out the nursery, don’t worry, just be sure to invest in a Moses basket so your tot has somewhere to sleep.

“Having your baby sleep next to you in your bedroom will help you feel reassured and, as most people don’t have a great deal of space, it’s the perfect size for your room,” explains Angela.

A Winter warming recipe

Whip up some soup

No time to cook 10 different meals? Go for soup. You can bung all your ingredients in a pot and whiz it up ready for freezing, which will give you a hearty, warming lunch when you’re not in the mood, or you can’t find the time, for cooking.


Fit your car seat

Maternity units won’t let you leave the hospital unless your car seat is correctly fitted for your baby, so if you don’t have time to organise any other baby bits, make sure you do this.

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