Getting comfortable in bed when you’re pregnant

Between the heat, your bump and other maternity discomforts, it's not easy to have a happy nighttime. Here are some tips.


It’s not always easy getting a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.
Despite the fact that you know you need to rest up for the birth and early months with baby that lay ahead, your bump, your raised body temperature and problems like leg cramps can make bedtime far from a restful experience.


Getting into a comfortable position is not always easy.

As you get heavier during pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid sleeping on your back. The weight of your bump puts pressure on the flow of blood up from your lower body to your heart, as well as adding strains that can lead to back ache, piles and digestive discomfort.
Sleeping on your side will be much more comfortable and an easier position to rise from.
Try to sleep on your left side as that way the weight of your bump will put less pressure on the flow of blood around your body – good for you and for getting nourishment to the womb for your baby. If you wake up and find you have turned onto your back or your right hand side, don’t worry. Just try to sleep on the left side more if you can.

You may well find that sleeping on your side causes you to ‘pull’ across as your bump falls towards the bed. Use a pillow under your right knee if you sleep with this raised when you are on your side, or use a small pillow under your bump to prevent it pulling your back into a twisted position – a common cause of strains on the lower back.
You can get several different kinds of pregnancy pillow to support your bump, back or legs when sleeping or resting. Some of these are useful when your baby is born, for resting your baby on when breastfeeding. Companies like Blooming Marvellous stock a range of pillows from about £15 to £40. MotherBliss and Dream Genii are worth checking out too.


Try to make sure you have a good mattress and replace an ageing bed frame if you can.
Keep a bottle of water and possibly even a snack like some nuts or a banana by your bed, in case you find you wake up hot or hungry in the night but feel just too wiped out to struggle to the kitchen.

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