Getting over a bad first birth

If you had a hard time of it with your first baby, you may be dreading childbirth second time around.


You may be wondering how to approach your next birth more positively after a bad labour experience the first time.


There is no reason why a second birth cannot be far more positive.

If you feel traumatized becuase of medical problems during the first birth, write to the head of midwifery at the hospital where you had the baby.

Set up a meeting to talk about what happened and why during your last labour. It will help you understand why you had a bad time and hopefully make you realise it doesn’t have to be the same for the next birth.

Make a list of questions and worries and go through them one by one with your midwife or consultant.

Consider the environment you are giving birth in. ‘If you felt uncomfortable in hospital last time, you may prefer to be in your own home this time,’ suggests Gill Perks of Gentlebirth antenatal classes.

You could also try a HypnoBirthing course where you learn to visualise a positive outcome.


For support after a  difficult birth, contact The Birth Trauma Association.

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