Getting to know your midwife

How to make your midwife your new best friend!


1) Be welcoming

Whether you see just one midwife or a team, establishing a good relationship will enhance your experience. If you feel supported you’ll be calmer and relaxed, and this can make for an easier and quicker labour and birth.


2) Listen to her advice

Your midwife will help to decide what’s best for you by providing as much information as possible. All midwives train for a minimum of three years and keep up to date with current medical knowledge.

3) Be trusting

You could find yourself discussing some intimate stuff with your midwife, but she’ll act with discretion. Whatever you tell her will remain confidential (unless she believes that either you or your baby are at risk).

4) Be honest

It’s essential that you and your partner are honest. Your midwife isn’t going to judge you for the choices you make, so share all your concerns and she will be better placed to help and support you.

5) Discuss your birth

Discovering the pros and cons of different birth options enables you and your midwife to discuss what will and won’t work for you. She can also help you to write your birth plan.


6) Be realistic

Midwives aren’t miracle workers. They can’t guarantee that your birth will be pain-free or go exactly according to plan – but rest assured that they do have your best interests at heart.

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