How much maternity leave are you taking?

Deciding how much maternity leave to take can be difficult...


Deciding how much maternity leave to take is hard, and given the current financial climate it’s tempting to take less than the statutory year.


A recent survey of 10,000 British employers found that only 26 per cent intend to hire mothers this year, down from 38 per cent last year. Over a third of bosses, 38 per cent, worried that mums will not work as hard and be less flexible about working hours, while 31 per cent cited women going off on maternity in their decision. The survey, by business services firm Regus, also revealed that 17 per cent of employers believe women who haven’t worked while bringing up a family are likely to be out of touch with the changing demands of jobs.

If you’re about to go on maternity leave from work, or are already on maternity leave, don’t worry, there’s lots you can do to stay in the loop. Here are some tips to taking time off:

Do a good hand-over, so that you feel your job is in safe hands and use your KIT(Keeping in Touch) days to stay up-to-date on company news (and gossip, of course!)

Finally, just remember the incredible organisation, co-ordination and time-management skills, not to mention patience, you learn bringing up a baby – what workplace wouldn’t value that?


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