I’m worried about pregnancy diabetes

Q: My midwife wants to test me for gestational diabetes as she found sugar in my urine. If I test positive, what does it mean for me and my baby?


Midwife Nikki replies:

Please don’t be alarmed, as your midwife is absolutely right in getting you checked out. Up to 4% of pregant women get pregnancy diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes, which causes raised blood sugar levels and lasts the length of the pregnancy.
You’ll be given a blood test and, if you do have it, you’ll get advice on how to control and monitor your own blood sugar. This can often be done by diet, and sometimes by using insulin injections.
It’s important to control your blood sugar, as if it’s left unchecked a high level can result in a big baby. Your labour may also need to be induced if your sugar level is unstable, and at birth your baby will have her blood sugar checked to make sure that it’s stable.


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