Helpful or mum-shaming? Hard-hitting ads from Brazil

Graphic ads show babies suckling on breasts painted with junk food to warn mum: your child is what you eat


These are shocking images. They show babies feeding from their mothers’ breasts that have been painted with images of junk food such as fizzy drinks, doughnuts and burgers.


They’ve been released by Brazil’s Pediatric Society of Rio Grande, and are designed to warn pregnant women of the negative effects a bad diet could have on their unborn child.

They come with the tagline (translated): ‘Your child is what you eat’.

Image: Paim

The ads have received pretty mixed reviews and here at MadeForMums, we have to say we’re not comfortable with the hard-edged style of the campaign.

Image: Paim

While it’s true that making sure you eat healthily and stay as fit as possible during pregnancy is absolutely a good thing (a healthy diet is something EVERYONE should think about, right?), we’re not sure these images do much to help mums.

So, it’s not OK to have a burger when you’re pregnant? You mustn’t have any fizzy drinks or a SINGLE doughnut in case it harms your unborn child? Seriously?

Plus the fact they’re showing breastfeeding women while talking about pregnancy, just adds confusion into the mix. 

We know pregnant women are warned about some behaviours for a very good reason. But in a world where we have so many must and must-nots thrown at us, and the guilt-factor is rocketing sky high for many, MadeForMums is beginning to wonder: can we give mums a bit of a break, please?

Now, pass me a bit of that lemon drizzle….

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Pictures: Paim for SPRS (the Pediatric Society of Rio Grande)

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