Is this discharge normal?

Q: I am 16 weeks pregaant and have been getting a light green, pale discharge that's almost fluorescent for the last few weeks. There's no smell, but I'm worried. is this normal?


OBSTETRICIAN LEONIE SAYS: Due to changing hormone levels in pregnancy, many women experience an increase of vaginal discharge. What you describe sounds like the normal, physiological discharge of pregnancy – odourless and very pale coloured.


Yeast infections – thrush – are also more common in pregnancy due to a change in the levels of acidity in the vagina – discharge is often ‘curd-like’ and accompanied by itchiness.

It’s not dangerous and treatment with a cream or pessary from a pharmacy or your doctor will help.


If discharge is very watery, bloodstained or has an offensive smell, see your GP or midwife. 


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