Just how good is Virgin Trains for pregnant women?

Guaranteed seat, charcoal crisps and a jar of anchovies - so how do you get them?


So Virgin Trains is now offering perks and preferential treatment for pregnant passengers travelling on its West Coast Mainline Services – which brings it inline with many other train operators. Read our guide to which train lines offer pregnancy upgrades – and what you get.


So what’s Virgin Trains actually offering?

Virgin Trains will apparently guarantee all pregnant women a seat when travelling on its West Coast line between London, North Wales, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

Except it’s not quite so simple…

Actually you need to be at least 20 weeks pregnant and in possession of a ‘mum-to-be’ pass

And how do you get a mum-to-be pass?

  • Go to a station ticket office that serves Virgin’s West Coast trains
  • You’ll need a copy of your MatB1 form and a passport photo
  • Fill in a mum-to-be pass form
  • You’ll be given a mum-to-be pass and a National Rail ID card

Can you sit on any seat on the train?

No. There are 2 reserved mum-to-be seats on each train. These are seats C01 and C02 in Coach C, which are reserved for vulnerable customers which includes the elderly, disabled and now pregnant women who have a ‘mums-to-be’ pass.

What if C01 and C02 are taken by an elderly or disabled person?

You’ll need to find the train manager or other on-board staff who will then help you find a seat in standard class, or First Class if none is available. As long as you have your mum-to-be pass. 

Oh wait, there’s a bit more…

As part of a mum-friendly initiative, Virgin Trains will be keeping a stock of ’emergency essentials’ on board such as nappies, baby food and sterilised bottles for mums with babies in urgent need. While these items will be free of charge for those who need them, they’re not free gifts for mum-to-be passholders.

And if you’re travelling first class on the Virgin Manchester to Euston train…

You may get a chance to sample Virgin Trains’ new Cravings Collection. It’s a range of snacks inspired by a poll into pregnancy cravings. The research found these were the top cravings:

  • chocolate (34%)
  • crisps (21%)
  • sweets (16%)

Among the more unusual top 20 cravings were chillies, chorizo, marmite and anchovies and 4% of pregnant women craved charcoal.

So what has Virgin Trains done? It’s offering pregnant passengers a selection of treats including chorizo jam, chilli sauce, charcoal crisps and even a jar of anchovies.

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