RD Just pregnant – everything you need to know about early pregnancy

From the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy to announcing you’re pregnant to the world: all about the first trimester


Think you’re pregnant?

Your body may give you subtle signs and symptoms of your pregnancy before it could be picked up on a test.


Once you’ve taken your pregnancy test or had a doctor’s confirmation that you’re pregnant, you’ll probably start worrying! Have you taken enough folic acid? Should you be taking prenatal vitamins? Was that one glass of wine or two you had last week? What happens now…?

Welcome to your pregnancy journey! Take a deep breath, this is the most exciting, amazing and at times nerve-wracking thing you’ll ever experience.

Share your experience – join one of our birth groups

Head over to our forums and you will find your birth group. These are great for meeting and chatting to other mums who are at the same stage of pregnancy as you (and are finding it just as difficult not to tell the world!). You can share any concerns you might have without giving the game away to anyone you know in the real world!

After a few weeks it’ll be time to visit your GP and meet your midwife who will be part of the medical team that will be with you every step of the way

  • First appointments and where to start
  • Pregnancy scans and tests timeline

Getting healthy for your pregnancy

In the meantime, you need to stay healthy for your growing baby. This means ditching the alcohol and cigarettes if you haven’t already, cutting down on your caffeine (goodbye, lovely latte) and taking it easy.

The first thing you can do is boost your diet. Make sure you’re getting enough iron and getting the vitamins and minerals your baby needs to grow. Try our pregnancy superfoods and this A-Z of foods you CAN eat in pregnancy to give you a boost. Vital too, is to find out what you need to avoid for the next nine months.

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Don’t worry!

Pregnancy causes a lot of changes in your body and you may notice these most in your first trimester when pregnancy hormones flood into your bloodstream for the first time. You might want to bottle them, like Dannii Minogue, but some feelings and symptoms can be alarming, such as stomach cramps and bleeding. But it’s important to remember that while these can by signs of miscarriage, they are actually quite common and often harmless. There are a few signs that suggest stomach cramps could be a cause for concern. But otherwise, they’re just one of many first trimester aches and pains  that can make you feel a bit run down. It’s just your body getting used to its new role.

  • First trimester pregnancy discomforts
  • Feeling tired in early pregnancy
  • Morning sickness and how to beat it
  • Stretch marks (and how to prevent them!)

When should you tell everyone you’re pregnant?

Who have you told? Apart from your partner and perhaps close family, many mums-to-be wait until their 12 week scan to tell everyone else about their pregnancy. Thisis when you will meet your baby for the first time, can check that everything is developing well and after this point, your chances of miscarrying drop significantly.

  • Keeping your pregnancy quiet for the first 12 weeks
  • Products to help you keep your pregnancy under wraps
  • When should you announce your pregnancy?
  • Fun ideas for announcing – by other parents

And when you are ready to announce, why don’t you head back to to Facebook and “like” us to share your journey with other mums and mums to be. Plus there’s always chances to win loads of cool baby products and get the celebrity baby gossip first!

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