Low-fat yoghurt in pregnancy linked to childhood allergies

Children of mothers who eat low-fat yoghurt during pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing asthma and hay fever by the age of seven.


A survey of over 60,000 mothers from Denmark has revealed that daily consumption of low-fat yoghurt during pregnancy increased the chances of asthma in their children by 1.6 times. It also almost doubled the chances of their children contracting hay fever in childhood.


However, the study also showed that drinking milk regularly during pregnancy had a small protective effect against asthma.

Scientists at the Danish National Birth Cohort, where the study was carried out, are now investigating the potential link between fatty acids and the prevention of childhood allergies.

The study is yet another to confirm the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy and it raises questions about the risks of restrictive ‘low-fat’ diets when expecting.

For more information on childhood asthma visit asthma.org.uk

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