Meet Babyexpert’s midwife

Jenny Smith is our expert midwife - joining us on every month to answer your online questions.


Got a question about pregnancy, birth or babies that you need to get answered?


You’re in luck! Babyexpert members have priority access to one of the country’s top midwives Jenny Smith, who has agreed to become our own on-site expert midwife.

Senior Midwife at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital in London, Jenny has been a midwife for almost three decades and has delivered around 1,000 babies.

She’s a mum of four, and has won awards for her pioneering work with water births. Jenny’s specialized fields include high-risk pregnancies and deliveries.

Midwife Jenny hosts a monthly birth, pregnancy and baby webchat live on babyexpert on the last Monday of every month. Sign up to our weekly emails for full info, or visit our messageboard to find out when she’ll next be online.

If you’re looking for a birth and pregnancy book, Jenny Smith’s Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth (Rodale, £14.99) is a fabulous handbook of pregnancy and childbirth that is an excellent guide for any expectant mum.

Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth aims to help prepare you mentally and physically for the birth of your baby so you can face the big day with confidence. A whole section is devoted entirely to birth so that you can know what to expect and how to cope at each stage of labour.

Jenny has also set up the Jentle Childbirth Foundation to promote a safe, supportive and nurturing approach to birth with a ‘one-to-one’ model of care. The aim is to allay the fear surrounding childbirth and promote a positive experience for all women and their families.

Jenny says, ‘I believe that every birth should be nurtured and cherished, whether by caesarean section, forceps or ventouse.’


Remember to join Jenny for a live webchat on the last Monday of every month on our messageboard.

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