Mums’ top tips on dealing with your pregnancy body

From sore skin to swollen feet, cramps to headaches, mums across the country share their best advice for pregnancy bodies…


For soothing sore pregnancy skin

“I love being pregnant but suffer from dry, sore and sometimes itchy skin around my stomach. A friend recommended Bio-Oil (£8.95 for 60ml, and it’s great. It’s light, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. Hopefully it’ll keep the stretch marks at bay, too.”


Amy Langley, 22, from Farnborough, 20 weeks pregnant

For aching muscles

“I get backache in the mornings so I started using Heat Wave (£15.54,, which is like a hot water bottle you put in the microwave. It really loosens the muscles. A warm bath also helps, but it’s not practical so Heat Wave is an easy solution.”

Jodie Ringwood, 25, from Braintree, mum to Holly, 3, Rhys, 18 months, and 22 weeks pregnant

For easing pregnancy cramps

“To ease my aches and pains I power walked and played football until quite late in my pregnancy. The exercise stretched my muscles; making cramps a thing of the past.”

Lynne O’Rourke, 33, from Birmingham, mum to William, 5, Jenny, 4 and Ellie, 1.

For swollen feet

“Since becoming pregnant, I’ve suffered with sore and swollen feet. Every night I get my partner to fill a washing-up bowl with warm water and bath salts, then I relax and have a soak. The salts soothe my feet and I always feel better after 20 minutes. I finish off with a cream to keep my tootsies soft. I really like Lush’s Fair Trade Foot Lotion ( It’s light and smells so good.”

Laura Evangelista, 24, from London, 12 weeks pregnant

For headaches in pregnancy

“I suffered from headaches in my first trimester, and didn’t want to take too many pills, so I started applying a cold sponge to my forehead to help ease the pain. It worked brilliantly and allowed me to have a few minutes of me time when I was tired too.”


Jenny Cole, 31, from Kenya, 16 weeks pregnant


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