New survey results reveal more mums are giving breastfeeding a go

But only one in every 100 manage to breastfeed for the recommended six months


New UK figures show more new mums than ever are giving breastfeeding a go.


The 2010 Infant Feeding Survey results, from a poll of more than 10,000 women show 81 in every 100 start breastfeeding, up from 76 in 2005.

However, the results also reveal that after just one week less than half of all new mothers are still exclusively breastfeeding. 

In the UK 69% of mothers were exclusively breastfeeding at birth. At one week this had fallen to 46% and by six weeks the figure was 23%.

The data revealed three-quarters of mothers want to breastfeed and more than four in five say they are aware of the health benefits.

Common reasons for stopping breastfeeding were problems with the baby rejecting the breast or not latching on properly, or new mums having painful breasts or nipples and feeling they had ‘insufficient milk’. 

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